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Stream Of Unconscious Vol. 5 [2012/Stand-Up Tragedy Records - SUT-13.5]
Country: USA, Format: Ltd. Ed. C90 Chrome Cassette - more info

Yoshihiro Kikuchi / Christopher Fleeger
Comes with a 21 page booklet of text. The Stream of Unconscious is a single work composed of 24 albums on 12 cassette tapes. Each album forms a single chapter of the novel written by Bryan Lewis Saunders using the stream of unconscious method of writing, whereby he transcribes his unconscious dream descriptions and somniloquy.

Country: Portugal, Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP

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Original Cast Recording. Music composed by Kevin Blechdom, Christopher Fleeger and Andres Lõo a co-production Teatro Praga and Teatro Municipal São Luiz

Christopher Fleeger - 1977, USA [2009/Karl Schmidt Verlag, KSV 042]
Country: Germany, Format: CD - sold out

"A document of the San Francisco-based improvisor's bracing, consistently satisfying early September performance at Silke Arp Bricht. Such a relief from the usual, respectable dull presence offered by other abstract sound artists... Fleeger's footage of venerable mice provide explicit links between militia postulations and dowagers' palms. Epic, and epicene." - Tom Smith

Composed and performed by Christopher Fleeger.
Recorded live by Tom Smith at @ Silke Arp Bricht (foyer), Hannover, on September 2, 2009.

Protesting the Dixie Chicks - Documentary Film [2006/Mold-a-Rama]
Country: USA, Format: DVD

Protesting the Dixie Chicks
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"Documentarian Christopher Fleeger followed the Chicks' 2003 arena tour all over the country, recording the thoughts of the sign-carrying folks who gathered outside the shows to protest or support the controversial trio. The result is an artful, melancholy film [which] demonstrates how one country star's offhand remark ignited a passionate argument about the meaning of freedom and patriotism" - Chris Neal, COUNTRY WEEKLY

"While Barbara Kopple's Shut Up and Sing was good, many people complained that it was too much of a publicity piece about the band and didn't do much to address the controversy. Fleeger, with much less access than Kopple, gives us a much more creative and entertaining film." - Andy Smith, Indie Grits Film Festival

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Charles Engstrom / Christopher Fleeger
Ideas about gathering places as social and sonic resonators group this material. More narrowly, the focus became computer music performances which could maintain some revelatory utility in the hurly-burly of ordinary public listening-- in a bar, for instance. The resulting pieces are formally simple, relatively short in duration, and try to maintain distinct timbral surfaces. Methods include the gas laws, lissajous curves, set transformations and fourier harmonizations of the ambience in performance spaces. The sonics range from simple synthetic waveforms, excited glass, wood and metal to slot machines, washers and other timbral pointers to the everyday world of the early 21st century.

SHADOW COLORS AND MAYBE INSECTS [2012/Watery Starve Press, WAT C-001]
Country: USA, Format: Chrome Cassette - more info

"Adiabatica" [A6]

Three Minutes in a Carpark [2010/6_a inc]
Country: Australia, Format: CD - more info

6_a inc presents... three minutes in a carpark, a collection of sounds
"Pulse Pressure" [Track 3]

POPCORN [2010/Ultra Eczema, Ultra Eczema 82]
Country: Belgium, Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP - more info

Collaboration Performance/Production with Lucas Abela & Kevin Blechdom [Side D, Track 6]
Produced in conjunction with the UE Popcorn Night(mare), 13/03/2010 at SCheld'apen, Antwerp. All songs are based on "Popcorn", originally written by Gershon Kingsley (1969).

power/field 2 [2010/Anarchymoon Recordings, anok30]
Country: USA, Format: 2 x CD - buy online

Field Recording: "Alouatta" [CD 1, Track 15]

Stars Of Städel [2009/Stadl - Stadl004]
Country: Germany, Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP - more info

A music project by Eric D. Clark and students of Städelschule. On vinyl with an individually glittered record cover in a limited edition of 500. As well as featuring his "Star" students, there are guest appearances from Peaches and BARNWAVE; the latter of whom recorded exclusive tracks in the sound lab.
BARNWAVE "California's Gold" [Side A, Track 4]

San Francisco Music Festival 2008 [2008/SFEMF]
Country: USA, Format: CD - more info

"Noisy Ball" [Track 13] from the album 'BARPIECES' originally released by Ping

Sound Postcards Leonardo Music Journal, vol. 18 CD: WHY RECORD? LIFE IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL PERFORMANCE
[2008/MIT Press, LMJ18, E-ISSN: 1531-4812 Print ISSN: 0961-1215]

Country: USA Format: CD
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BARNWAVE "Prancing" [Track 8] + text [pp. 93-94]

Sound Postcards Sound Postcards, 39 Unreleased Audio Messages
[2001/The Bookmakers Ed., Uovo 06]

Country: Italy, Format: CD
sold out

BARNWAVE concert excerpt: "Heehaw Theme" [Track 5] CD enclosed to UOVO Magazine, ISSUE/16.

power/field power/field [2007/Anarchymoon Recordings, anok15]
Country: USA, Format: 2 x CD
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Field Recordings w/ Live Treatments: "Sea Gulls At Lake Ella" [CD 1, Track 3] & "Florida A&M University Homecoming Traffic" [CD 1, Track 4]

SloMo SloMo Video [2006]
Country: USA, Format: DVD
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"Glitter Cowboy"
100 one minute long slow motion videos by 85 filmmakers & video artists

WebbedHand Far Afield [2005/Webbed Hand Records, WH055]
Country: USA, Format: File, MP3
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"Painting" [Track 10]

"Somewhere in the spectrum between Musique Concrete and Phonography, is a vast gray area that is disowned and disputed by either side. This compilation treats this no-man's land as its playground." - Frederic Yarm

hhjm Bryan Saunders - Near Death Experience [2010/Erratum, EM006]
Country: France, Format: Vinyl, LP Gatefold Sleeve
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Composed music for "The Social Masochist" [Track 1] & "The Store" [Track 4]

chingchongsong Ching Chong Song - Everything is for the Babies [2009/Olive Juice]
Country: USA, Format: CD
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Production/Sound Design on "These Days" [Track 4] & "Unconditional Love" [Track 8]


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Live set from BARNWAVE Australia/New Zealand Tour 2009/2010
Kevin Blechdom plays piano, keyboards, and sings. Christopher Fleeger provides arena-sized real-time production via his self-programmed Max/MSP patches and a collection of membrane/mallet gestural controllers. During the show Fleeger and Blechdom exchange live MIDI data to synchronize real-time video software with the music.

SFEMF 2008 slaughtering slobbersville [2009/Dual Plover/FreeMusicArchive]
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Slobbersville live at the Golden Pudel in Hamburg, Germany in two acts.

Marty Dowers, Christopher Fleeger, Alex Kort - Live @ The Luggage Store Marty Dowers, Christopher Fleeger, Alex Kort - Live @ The Luggage Store [2006]
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Recorded live @ The Luggage Store, San Francisco, California, on Mar 2, 2006

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